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Welcome to the holy land of Ludistan: city of vagrants, city of exiles, city of saints and martyrs. This ground has housed and cradled many a religion in its term, many of which have crossed paths with something less than warmth. The history of Ludistan is one carved in blood - Holy War and persecution have torn the place at the seams for centuries. The restless dead below, those swaths of the damned, still haunt this site of pilgrimmage and supposed sanctuary. The weak of soul and weak of will who arrive with pure intentions perish at the influence of these horrid wraiths. The only respite from these spirits' terrible afflictions is in the city healer, a figure of great renown to the townsfolk.

The role of healer is now yours. Cure quickly, and cure relentlessly. How many will you save?

Created in 48 hours for the 2016 Global Game Jam.

Design and Programming:

Josh Jacobs

Nigel Nixon

Ethan Smoller

Sounds: HunteR4708, kangaroovindaloo, Adam_N, audiolarx, Terry93D, RokkuNeo, snaginneb

Graphics: Deerman, RetroGamer8Bit, Tracy

All sounds and graphics licensed under the Creative Commons License.

Install instructions

Mac and Windows:

Unzip and run!


HealerHealer_OSX.zip 12 MB
HealerHealer_Windows.zip 12 MB

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